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Fashion Dresses

November 20, 2015

When it comes time for the holidays, fashion dresses become all the rage. Whether this means wearing a white dress, a red dress, the little black dress, or any of an assortment of long dresses, a holiday party is not the place for that inexpensive $20 dress you bought last week.

fashion dressesFashion dresses - particularly long dresses or maxi dresses - are what you should consider for your business holiday parties. After all, you will have some sort of little red dress, little black dress, or maybe an assortment of pink dresses in your closet. Use them. Dresses for the holidays, however, have their own requirements that separate them from a dress you would wear to the office.Holiday party dresses should be of high quality. Would you think of wearing any maxi dresses that have seams falling apart? Or a white dress that has turned yellow with age? No, you would not. Kollekcio offers high quality dresses that can do even the most boring holiday office parties justice - from pink dresses to the new, all the rage little red dress that seems to be on everyone's holiday wish list.

Quality is not the only thing that matters, however. Color matters. A red dress may do one person justice, but look ridiculous on another person. When considering what holiday dress to buy from a fashion collection, you should think about what colors look good on you. Black and white are usually safe choices for everyone. The former is a slimming color, while the latter can set off darker eyes and bring them out. Colors that should not be considered for many people are yellow and orange. These colors can be hard to pull off - especially during the fall and winter holidays.

Accent colors should also be considered. If you're wearing silver jewelry to the party, a dress with gold accents should be avoided, and vice versa. Shoes also need to be considered. Do they have silver accents? Glitter? Red and blue, for example, should be avoided for the holiday season. If you're adding accent colors, dark colored dresses should be accented with silver or gold. Lighter colored dresses can go with a lot - silver, gold, or a brass are okay.

european fashion dressesNext, the fit. A fashion dress is not meant to be baggy or loose fitting. For a holiday party, a looser skirt is okay, but the bodice should be tighter fitting. European styles are best for this kind of fit. Tighter fits can also give the effect of slimming your body, but it should be advised that you don't go "Victorian tight". This phrase means that you cannot breathe properly. Though a tight fit is advised, if it winds you to walk down the hallway in the store to see yourself in the four way mirror, it's too tight!The style itself can vary greatly from dress to dress, and person to person. Some people look best in a deep V neck, while others may look better in a scoop neck. You may feel most comfortable in a longer skirt, or in a mini skirt. Shorter skirts should be avoided if you can. A holiday dress is meant to be classy, not skimpy. A longer skirt can save you the trouble of having to readjust in the bathroom all night - but a skirt that is dragging on the floor can cause issues as well. Thigh to ankle length is best advised for a holiday party.

Whatever kind of fashion dress you decide to wear for a holiday party, there is plenty to look for in your perfect dress.

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