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Handmade Jewelry Designers

November 20, 2015


The Benefits of Handmade Jewelry Designers

Kollekcio jewelry is beautifully handcrafted and contains genuine Venetian glass beads. These one of a kind pieces come in a variety of styles. At Kollekcio, one can find jewelry to fit any personal style, including modern, avant-garde, and classic styles. Kollekcio is able to combine elegant Italian style with unique, handmade pieces. Unlike factory and machine made jewelry, there are many benefits to owning a handmade piece of jewelry featuring gorgeous Italian beads.

A Rich History of Artisan Jewelry

Italy has been known for producing beautiful and high quality glass products since the times of the Ancient Roman Empire. When Marco Polo returned to Italy after his travels to Asia, Venetian artisans used their glass making skills to replicate the patterned cloisonne beads from Asia. Master craftsmen have been passing their knowledge down to their successors for centuries, and the results are truly spectacular.

Quality Construction

When jewelry is made by hand, one can be certain that the jewelry is of the highest quality. Unlike factory made jewelry that can hide mistakes and defects, handcrafted jewelry is rigorously inspected and perfectly constructed. Classic Venetian beads are produced in a variety of beautiful styles that involve intricate layering of glass colors and delicate metal patterns worked into the beads as the glass is blown. Handmade Venetian beads contain beautiful details and a striking individuality. Each one is a little different, but they are all beautiful.

High Class Gemstones

handmade artisan jewelryIn addition to the beautiful Venetian beads, Kollekcio jewelry also contains beautiful gemstones. Spacer beads made from gems, such as amethyst, sapphire, ruby, moonstone, and citrine, are used to add a glamorous touch to the jewelry. The gemstones used in the necklaces are always AAA quality. This means that they are in the top 10% of all gemstones in terms of quality, so the gemstones are brilliant, richly colored, and lacking unsightly inclusions. Clasps are made with 14k gold that matches the quality of the gemstones.

Effortlessly Elegant Style

European cities such as Paris and Milan are iconic for their influence on fashion and style. This emphasis on fashion has led to a continental style that focuses on timelessly tasteful and chic ensembles. Kollekcio handcrafted jewelry combines quality gemstones and beautifully handcrafted glass beads with the classic styles of Europe to create pieces that will look beautiful and elegant for years to come. Kollekcio jewelry is versatile enough to be worn in a variety of situations, and it adds a touch of class and a pop of color to any outfit.

Completely Unique Handmade Jewelry

Yet another bonus to buying handmade designer jewelry is that each piece is completely unique. Each design at Kollekcio is a one of a kind piece that has not been replicated or sold to any other customers. And since the beads are made by hand, even each piece on the necklace is a special, one of a kind item. These distinctive pieces of jewelry are certain to become a signature jewelry item that will definitely stand out.

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