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How to Shop At Vintage Clothing Stores

September 25, 2017

vintage clothing storesHow to Rock Vintage Style with a Modern Edge 

While you may be artistic and creative, there are only so many scenarios where cos-play is permitted, tolerated, and accepted. So, while costumes are fun to experiment with in your spare time, you may need to tone down your vintage clothing overload on a day-to-day basis to avoid some serious stares (from the uninspired, of course) at the office. Some places of employment make have dress codes, or sometimes special situations, such as weddings or funerals, require a bit of a downgrade in eccentricity, and modernization is a quick cure-all if approached correctly and with ease.

Below are some suggestions to help you incorporate a contemporary sensibility to your overall vintage clothing look so you will fit in without losing your whimsical self:

Accent your Ensembles with Today’s Accessories

To put an immediate modern spin on a vintage-laden outfit, simply accessorize with today’s shoes, handbags, and jewelry. These accents will go a long way to bring your duds into the twenty-first century while still hearkening back to another era in spirit. If your choice of clothing is more mid-century,for example, with duller hues of avocado green or gray, try adding pops of color with your accessories to look more contemporary. Likewise, if you tend more towards eighties/nineties kitsch, you can ground your neon-colored outfit with more neutral-hued accents. 

To switch it up, you can wear today’s clothing styles along with boho vintage bags, jewelry, or footwear! After all, sometimes a slight touch of yesteryear is all you really need.

Pick Pieces that are Reflected in Contemporary Trends

One of the coolest things about being a vintage-inspired fashionista is studying up on the trends over the years and realizing that fashion is indeed cyclical. In other words, everything old will eventually be new again! Yesterday’s most popular styles will eventually inspire today’s hottest trends, so when you are shopping for vintage clothes, try finding silhouettes from the past that were sure to have been the inspiration for some of today’s most popular styles, then mix and match both together for a cool, modern look with a throwback twist. For example, today’s “cold shoulder” tops and dresses owe a debt of gratitude to the big seventies designers like Halston that put them on the map 40 years ago, so why not pair an off-shoulder top with vintage platforms and a swinging disco-era skirt? 

Style your Hair and Make-up Modernly

The simplest method you can use to bring a vintage–chic look into the present day is probably to frame in with modern day make-up techniques and hairstyling. Not only does the contrast propel your image into the present time frame, but it allows you to remain grounded, since many of the past styles favored by the boho vintage community tend to border on the eccentric side and a plain hairdo do can work wonders when attempting to ground an outfit. 

Also, you should probably stay away from hairstyles and make-up trends of earlier eras unless you have studied them intently, and copying them exactly can sometimes lead others to believe that you are in full costume. Instead of replicating a style, why not try a hairdo that is lightly inspired by a former trend? For example, a modern asymmetrical bob cut with light finger waves gives off a vintage façade with a distinctly modern twist that is sure to compliment any outfit from any time period.

Mix and Match Vintage Clothes with 21st Century Pieces

The juxtaposition of a wearable piece of vintage clothing against a modern complementary piece makes a statement. It says that you are not afraid to be creative, inventive, artistic, and willing to mesh two completely different worlds without fear. Mixing and matching pieces has, after all, been a staple in modern fashion for over thirty years, probably starting with the eighties' large upper silhouette and smaller bottom, along with the same decade's array of fun, clashing prints. Why not capitalize on the trends of those times and mix a torn denim jacket with rhinestone accents and pair it with a nineties-inspired lacy baby doll dress? Or, how about a full-bottomed fifties-era skirt along with a modern tunic and simple jewelry? Mixing the old with the new gives you so many more options and really gives you a chance to show the world your creative side. 

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with being dramatic, but, unfortunately, there are times in our lives when we must tone it down. And, it is for those occasions that weaving in some contemporary pieces, accessories, and fringes can really work wonders and even create whole new set of styles and trends. 

Remember, there are no concrete rules, so you can endlessly experiment with what makes you comfortable and what you believe may turn heads. In the end, it is all about how you feel and your personal confidence level, which both affect your ability to carry an ensemble. After all, if you are comfortable, you should be able to rock almost any style with ease!
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