How To Measure Yourself For Your Dress

In order to have the designers create your dress, either your own seamstress need to fit the dress to your body or our designers need to create the dress by using the measurements you provide us. If you want us to send you the dress already fit you, we need to get the measurements from you during your order. You will see the fields show on the product page if you select the option that you want your dress fitted by the designer's team before the dress ships. Follow the instructions on this page in order to measure yourself for your dress. Please make sure you double check your numbers in order for your dress to fit you perfectly. Also, make sure that your measurements are provided in cm. If you are unable to send it in cm, please let us know, so we can convert your numbers to cm.

Submit Your Body Measurements 
how to measure yourself


  1. Bust
  2. Under-bust
  3. Waist
  4. Across Front
  5. Across Back
  6. Neck to Waist
  7. Shoulder to Bust Point
  8. Top of Arm
  9. Forearm
  10. Wrist
  11. Waist to Floor
  12. High Hip
  13. Hip
  14. Shoulder to Elbow
  15. Shoulder to Wrist



Body Measuring Tips

    • Measure yourself in underwear you plan to wear under your dress
    • It is best to measure yourself in 'cm' since our designers are in Europe and they use the metric system. However, if you feel uncomfortable using the metric system you can submit your measurements in 'inches' as well. We will convert it to 'cm' for you.
    • It is best to have a 2nd person with you who can take the measurements for you because it can be difficult to take measurements yourself
    • Stand up straight, and stand relaxed as you would do normally
    • Do not hold in your stomach
    • Bust measurement: Measure around the fullest part of the bust. Do not pull it tight, hold it gently. You should be able to put a finger underneath the measuring tape.
    • Waist measurement: Measure yourself around the smallest part of your waist. Do not pull it tight. 
    • Hip measurement: Measure yourself around the widest part of the hip. You can use a mirror to see where the widest part is. Again, do not pull the tape tight.
    • Waist-to-floor measurement: Make sure to measure from the smallest part of the waist to the floor.