The term "Lagenlook" comes from German and means "layering look". Layering clothing isn't just fashionable and practical but is also a perfect way to conceal imperfections of the body while uniquely expressing one's individuality. 

Lagenlook Clothing Style

The Lagenlook style is most known for the Lagenlook dresses mixed with the Lagenlook tunic and Lagenlook tops combined with Lagenlook pants and jackets.

The Lagenlook style is perfect for all sizes but plus size Lagenlook is great to conceal the imperfections of the body. 

At Kollekcio we are a huge fan of layering clothing for all body types. We layer comfortable cotton gauze clothing pieces, linen clothing, silk and lace to create the complete look.

Lagenlook Clothing Gallery

We add new pictures to our lagenlook clothing gallery on a regular basis. Check back often! [powr-photo-gallery id=529d1eb5_1498802593]