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Spagetti-Strap Sheath Wedding Dress with Sequin Top

Spagetti-Strap Sheath Wedding Dress with Sequin Top


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  • Dress Alterations

    1. You have the option to order a dress and have your local seamstress alter it to fit your body.
    2. Or, the designer's team can tailor it for you. In this case, when ordering your dress, input your measurements so we can customize the dress to fit your body.
  • Shipping

    Most dresses will ship out in 3-6 weeks. We are particular about quality and want to make sure that your dress looks perfect on your big day. If you need to rush the order, add the Rush Service to your order and we will choose the fastest shipping method and the crew will work on making your dress faster.

  • Desposits

    You have the option to pay a 50% deposit only when placing an order or pay for the entire order in full. It is your choice. If you pay the deposit only, you will be charged the remaining balance before we ship your dress to the shipping address provided.

  • Dress Sizing

    It is important that you order the right dress size for your big day. If you want your local seamstress modify your dress for you, in order to order the correct dress size, please use our dress size chart to see what size you may need to get. We recommend that you get 1-2 sizes bigger than your regular dress size, to make the dress modifications easier.

    View Dress Size Conversion Chart 
  • Body Measurements

    If you are ordering your dress by having the designer's crew create the perfect fit you, then you will need to measure yourself and provide us with the correct measurements in order to create your dress and fit your body correctly.

    View How To Measure Yourself 
  • Tailoring Service

    While you have the option to take your dress to your local seamstress, you can have your dress made for you without for a nominal fee. We want to make sure you save time and money by having your dress made for you. and you are getting the perfect fit when you receive the dress from us.

Measuring Yourself

It is important that you measure yourself correctly for your dress if you would like to receive your dress already tailored to your body.

Our designers need several measurements in order to create your perfect dress. Click the button below to view our page about how to measure yourself for your wedding dress.

Please submit the measurements in centimeter (cm). If you submit it in inches by accident, no worries. We always double check all orders and measurements. We will convert it to cm and submit it to the designer's team.

If we are unsure about something or if we have questions about something you have submitted, we will reach out to you by email.

View How To Measure Yourself

Selecting Your Size

If you are using your local seamstress to tailor the dress for you, view our Dress Size Conversion Chart and pick a dress that is 1-2 size above your current dress size. It is easier to fit a dress if it's bigger than if it's smaller.

If you choose to have your dress made with your body measurements, selecting your body size on this page is not necessary. It is only needed if you want your seamstress to tailor the dress for you.

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